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C3's One-Minute Forum Rules

Lots of forums have very "tl;dr" lists of rules. We'd like to think that Internet etiquette is pretty easy stuff, so here's our short list of rules and guidelines, which can be scanned in one minute:

1) Don't be an asshole.

This one is easy. Basic Internet etiquette. Don't type anything that you wouldn't say out loud to your mom. Well, I don't know, maybe your mom is an asshole and you would want t-...anyway, you get the idea. Repeated bad behavior will result in a probation or ban.

1b) If someone else is being an asshole, don't reply to them. Report the post and move on.

2) Don't harass others or post any personal information.

Another basic Internet thing. Don't make us the highlight of an evening news story about stalking or homicide. THIS INCLUDES YOUR OWN PERSONAL INFORMATION! Harassment will result in probations and bans. Posting your own personal info means you're really dumb, and will result in a probation. Posting someone else's personal info is an instant permaban. (Personal info includes, but is not limited to, real names, addresses, phone numbers, and Facebook URLs.)

3) Do not try to commission a custom for real money or offer real money commissions. Do not offer or request real money for anything.

The potential for bad heavily outweighs the potential for good with this. We can't stop you from negotiating stuff like this in PM, but we are not responsible for you getting ripped off, and if you post about it in public you will be warned (first time) and then banned.

4) Do not post links to CONs/etc. of official Rock Band 3 or Rock Band 4 content.

Harmonix deserves your money. Support the company that made the game you love, and buy official DLC instead of pirating it. If you knowingly post links to this content, you will be banned. If you directly ask for such a link, you will be suspended for two weeks; ask again and you will be banned. We take this very seriously.

5) Do not discuss or post links to multitracks or song stems.

That's it. If you want to obtain multitracks, Google is your friend. Don't discuss them here. Even if a song's stems have been released to the public for free (i.e. a remix contest with a Creative Commons license), do not re-distribute them on the C3 forums.

6) Be courteous and constructive when giving (or responding to) feedback on other people's customs.

We want C3 to be a welcoming environment for all authors, including those that are just starting out. A lot of this falls under rule 1, but many people seem to forget that the author you're criticizing spent a lot of time and energy on those charts. Your right to free speech doesn't include being an asshole. This applies to authors, too -- if someone's being a douchebag, don't be a douchebag in return. You can politely ask an author to put more effort into polishing a song, but if they say they don't want to, don't insist. Give thanks first, criticize second, and remember that if you don't like something you don't have to download or comment, you can simply leave it be. Violations of this rule will result in warnings, probations, and possibly bans.

7) No porn, gore, or other objectionable content.

You can swear as much as you fucking like, but we have users of all ages from all over the globe. Don't do anything that would get us in trouble. Violating this rule will almost certainly result in a ban.

8) Use common sense. Don't do bad or subversive things just because they're not covered here.

This is the catch-all rule. Don't try to find loopholes or otherwise play the system. We are a benevolent dictatorship, here. We have no reason to drop the hammer on you unless you do something to deserve it, but that is ultimately our call.

9) Do not post customs of songs C3 has already released.

Our goal is to simplify things for the final user, so once we release a C3 version of a song, we will ask you to either take down your version or not work on the same song so that only one version of the song is available. This may also apply to songs we are about to release, so please understand if we privately ask you to take down songs you've just put up.

And a few final things that are still very important:

• C3 is not endorsed by or affiliated with Harmonix Music Systems.

• Only C3 admins (red names) speak for C3 as an organization.

We have many excellent authors that contribute songs to our weekly releases, but their opinions are their own, and do not necessarily represent C3. Similarly, any claim of "C3 says ____" or "C3's standard for that is ____" should be taken with a grain of salt if it doesn't come from an admin.

• We do not accept donations for hosting.

This is more of a corollary to rule 3, but please don't offer us real money for any reason.

• Use the report button!

There is a report button, a little triangle with an exclamation point, in the upper right corner of every post. If you think a given post or thread violates any of the rules above, please use it instead of replying or making your own thread.

• Please remember that Rock Band is a game, and we're here to create fun.

It's easy to lose yourself in the srs bizness that is customs authoring. Take a second every now and then to remind yourself that Rock Band is just a game, and the purpose of making and playing content for it is enjoyment. If you're experiencing more frustration than fun on these forums, something is wrong.
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